Saltwater Flies in Fly Fishing

A relatively new branch of fly fishing is saltwater fishing. Though practised in a number of places worldwide, saltwater fishing has not yet attracted anglers in the numbers that other forms of fly fishing have. The use of a feathered hook isn’t new, though. For centuries fishermen went after traditional quarry with one lure or another. Basic mackerel feathers were employed on hand lines, while larger feather hooks were favoured when jigging for code and similar species. And rather primitive, feathered lures used by professional tuna fishermen are all artificial flies.

But the best saltwater fly fishing is to be enjoyed in the warmer waters of the world. Such environments include waters on the coast of the Southern States of the USA, Central and South America, the West Indies, South Africa, the Pacific islands and the waters of Australasia. All of these regions boast a wealth of fish than can be taken on an artificial fly, either by normal fly casting, jigging or trolling. But to describe the lures used to take such fish as “flies” is not strictly accurate. The smallest of the range is designed ti imitate shrimps and other crustaceans. Larger lures represent different baitfish which comprise the quarry’s diet. A third type is the attractor.

If you enjoy a bit of travel – and who doesn’t? – you are likely to find that trying out some saltwater fishing in some of the farther flung reaches of the globe. Fly fishing needn’t be a purely domestic pursuit, after all.

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