River Fly in Focus for May

Whilst emerging duns excite both trout and angler, it’s perhaps returning females intent on laying their eggs that provide us with more calculated sports, as confident their meal isn’t about to disappear in a blur of wings, trout now go about their business in a more deliberate manner by gently sipping down spent mayfly that litter the surface.


Tie This Gorgeous Fly

Many will tell you spent mayfly only occur during the last hour of daylight and whilst their activity increases in the fading light, spinner falls can begin as early as 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Using Semperfli white floating poly-yarn as a body and purple (dun) yarn as a wing this spinner is extremely buoyant.

Hook: Kamasan B-830 size 10 
Thread: Semperfli 8/0 white classic waxed
Rib: Semperfli black pure silk
Tail: Moose mane
Body: White floating poly-yarn
Thorax: Mink dubbing
Wing: Semperfli purple poly yarn overlaid with Semperflash krystal pearl 
Hackle: Grizzle - cock



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