Trout Flies Range Extended With Barbless Flies

As part of our ongoing developments we have now our new barbless trout fly ranges coming into stock. We have one of the largest ranges in the UK of new barbless trout flies coming with buzzers, emergers, dry flies and lures and streamers being introduced. These include stunning new patterns, some only available in our barbless ranges some really popular flies like Sandys Blank Buster Buzzers which are now available in both barbed and barbless variants.

Barbless flies are becoming more widely used, with many lakes and reservoirs catch and release only and fly fishermen ecoming more concious and ethical about their fishing which is a welcome for our sport.

Barbless flies are based on stunning hooks including the Partridge SLD hooks for dry flies. Many of the barbless patterns are designed to be highly imitative with new Olives and nymph patterns for the river and lakes.



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