NEW Superflite Reels Released

The Essential Fly Superflite 4/6 Large Arbour Reel

The ultimate in large arbor reels. We have designed this reel to be lightweight, with a a highly competitive reel weighing in at just 145g!.

Our Superflite fly reels were designed to perfectly match the new generation of lightweight fly rods such as the and our own Essential Nomadic Traveller 7 Piece Smuggler Rod. The ultra smooth wide range click check system delivers fingertip control whilst keeping weight to a minimum. The large arbour spool gives the minimum line memory, quick line retrieval and low start-up inertia.

  • Precision machined from the finest aircraft grade 6061 aluminum billet with plenty of drilled ventilation holes to make for an extremely light reel
  • Hard gloss anodised finish for durability and good looks.
  • Super strong spring disc drag system provides infinite control (can pass the motocycle test) - this gives maximum control of a running fish and protection of the tippets
  • Precision needle bearings on a chrome alloy spindle for remarkably smooth handling.
  • Super large arbor (Reel dia. 93mm, spool diameter 86mm, arbor diameter  63mm, line capacity 73 cubic cm - 100m backing line with 6 weight line)
  • Super light 145g (the lightest reel in size up to 6)

Performance & Opinion

On the rear of the cage is the large sized drag control knob which has smooth click settings to tighten up the very efficient multi disc brake. Spool changing is very simple with a small sprung loaded lever on the central spindle, the spool then just lifts off. With the spool removed it is also very easy to convert the reel from LHW to RHW by unscrewing a cap inside the spool that retains the main bearing, the bearing is then removed and flipped over and the cap replaced, this is simply a 2minute job! Because the spool is wide widthways as well as large arbour it means that there is little line memory and the retrieve rate is good.

The reel comes supplied with a black soft neoprene case that will also protect the reel when mounted on the rod.




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