Golden Plover, Grouse Underwings and Persalls Silks - Mike Hardings Northen Spiders Heritage Range

Mike Harding Mike Harding - Author, Radio Presenter,Comedian and Fisherman

Jointly with Mike Harding we have produced a range of Northern Spiders for fly fishermen.. These Northen Spiders  are tied using a range of unusual materials including Golden Plover and traditional materials like Persalls silks have been required to pay true homage to the traditional Northern Spider Trout & Grayling flies in Mike Harding's new fly tying book on Northen Spiders.

The North Country tradition of fly-tying and fishing has long been celebrated as a remarkably successful way of catching fish. Developed on the fast-flowing rivers of northern England, on both sides of the Pennines, soft hackle or spider flies like the Snipe and Purple and the Partridge and Orange have been traditionally used since the nineteenth century and beyond, and are just as effective in the chalk streams of Hampshire, the lochs of Connemara or even the freestone rivers of the Appalachians in the United States.

Now, Mike Harding, an experienced fly fisherman in the rivers of Yorkshire where he lives, has produced the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to tie the best North Country flies for themselves in a superb book.. Here are a hundred and forty different designs, all illustrated in full colour, from traditional designs like the Bracken Clock to his own unique variations such as the Ribble Rouser. A good number of them have never been illustrated before. In his book Mike Harding provides a witty and illuminating history of the North Country tradition; full step-by-step photographic guides to all the stages in tying every kind of fly; details of all materials required, and how to source them; and finally some advice from the benefit of his considerable experience in how to use the flies you’ve tied to catch the most fish, with the most pleasure. Alternatively purchase ready make Northern Spiders tie it or buy it.

Check Mike's range of Northen Spiders here


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