LDO - Large Dark Olives

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Large Dark Olive - LDO Baetis rhodani


Baetis rhodani
Large Dark Olives LDOs) hatch all year but start becoing prolific in March and April. The fly is approximately 1" long froom head to tail (25mm) with the body about 3/8" long (11mm). LDO's are the largest of the Baetis family in the UK. Nymphs live in riffle areas of rivers and streams where they live in the sand and gravel beds darting about. They feed scraping algae from stones and other structures under water or by gathering organic detritus from sediment.

There are typically two generations per year, overwintering nymphs emerge in Spring and a second generation develops for emergence in the Summer. Nymphs dart about, hence their name 'agile darters'

Agile Darters - Baetis nymphs
Emergence takes place typically between 11:30 and 14:30 and again at dusk with males swarming. Once mated a female flies to the river and lands on a partly submerged rock where she folds her wings, pulls herself under water and lays about 4,500 eggs! Some females climb out of the water but most will be swept away by the current.

Large Dark Olive Dun - Body Colour: Dark Olive, Wing Colour: Light Grey
Large Dark Olive Spinner - Body Colour: Light Olive Wing Colour: Clear

LDO Imitation

Typically for dries you can use LDO flies or Rough Olives the spinner is imitated by Kite's Imperial we even have some stunning new barbless imitations due soon! For the Nymphs the GRHE or Pheasant Tail Nymph work well.
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