Kick-Ass Damsels Released

Kick-Ass Damsels Available Now

When we read about this pattern, developed by Fred Bainbridge in the August 2008 Total FlyFisher magazine we were intrigued, they looked a superb pattern, developed using key attractor components, marabou for action, Glo-Brite floss and Flexi Floss and dumbell eyes. With a lovely slim profile we made up a dozen of these and tried them out, with great results and developed our own variant with a little more sparkle in the head. These are tremendous trout catchers. with the movement from the fly simply using erratic pulls in the different depths of water.

We have developed variants of these with Kick-Ass Damsel Olive, Kick-Ass Damsel Pink and Kick-Ass Damsel Yellow damsel nymphs available now and in stock.

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