How To Catch Big Over Wintered Trout!

Hungry Trout!

Thank goodness we can all get out fishing and make the most of our favourite sport!  Early season trout love small green and black buzzers. So that's what we've been using!

So How Do You Fish To Find The Over Wintered Trout?

We know personally how deadly these flies and this technique is!

Using Sandy's Blank Buster Buzzers (Green) Specimen Hunters  with their extra strong grub hooks - use a 15 foot leader with a floating line cast Sandy's Blank Busters into the wind lanes (in our case from a boat).
Of course the fish feed in the wind lanes and that was where the big over wintered Rainbows typically feed. Simply let the leader drop to just below the feeding zone (at whatever depth is required) and then simply lift the rod gently, drop and perform a small retrieve and repeat. This is a deadly technique as can be seen. After a superb 15 minute battle we had it to the boat!

Sandy's Blank Buster Buzzer Green is one of our most popular flies at this time of year.  Blank Busters have been featured regularly in the press and are very highly regarded


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Happy fishing!


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