High stick nymphing: 2

Last time we introduced the technique of high stick nymphing, and how you go about employing it in fly fishing. Hooking a trout this way is actually fairly simple, because reduced slack and drag in the fly line sharpens an angler's strike-sensing ability. At the slightest tug on the line, lift the rod tip quickly and confidently. This style of fishing means that hook sets are simplicity itself.

To be completely effective in your practice of the technique, you should go for a specific fly rod. We recommend one with more length as it allows the angler to access lies further out-stream.  The extra length also afford you better line control for the ultimate drift.

High sticking has been given a bad name by some, and by dry fly fanatics in particular. And if you prefer to listen to the naysayers, that’s fine and completely your choice. However, consider this: properly dispatched on a favorite stretch of pocket water can be the deadliest fly fishing weapon you have.

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