Hi Stick Nymphing

In North America it is call ed High Sticking, a European, French or Czech fly fishing is a technique that uses heavy Czech nymphs. It is based on short, repetitive casts, dead drifts and a deeper fly presentation. The leader hangs under the tip of the fly rod, which the angler holds with an outstretched arm, while the fly is guided through the run and is often called “high stick nymphing.” By the way, you will find much more information about high stick nymphing, what it is about and how to employ the technique, in some previous blogs.

A typical fly rig in Czech nymphing includes three nymph flies of different weights. The technique uses Czech nymphs, also known as Bobes. The nymphs, made to imitate fresh water shrimps or caseless larvae of sedge flies, are tied on gammarus hooks.

The current Czech nymphing craze owes its origin to competition fly fishing. Over time it has emerged as a popular and effective fishing method in Europe. Some more traditional fly fishermen might look down on it, though, because they have their individual preferences and admire the splendour and heritage of classic dry fly fishing.

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