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We share your passion for fly tying and love to share with you new tying products or our favourite materials.  We hope you enjoy them too.  Do let us know if we can help you in any way.  We are here for you!

Synthetic Rabbit Zonkers!

Yes you read that correctly.  These Synthetic Rabbit Zonkers are newly available and we are seriously loving them. 
You may have read about them in the fly fishing press too?  There are some great benefits to using these;
  1. they act like natural rabbit in the water
  2. but they hold their form and won't collapse down and weigh your fly
  3. they dispel the water easily too as they don't absorb the water


New Peacock Quill Subs

Peacock is CITES registered so please do look at using alternatives.  Here we have a fantastic new quill sub that is absolutely spot on.

Available on spools in small, medium or large plus a multicard to give you all the options in one handy set!



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