Got Thr Right Head On Your Floating Line?

In the past decade, profiles on fly lines have come on in leaps and bounds.  This makes it difficult to pick out a favourite as each profile has a place for a given situation. 

Here we look at various lines and the benefits each has to offer.  We’re also conscious that lines vary in price too, so hopefully, there’s something for everyone here whatever your budget
A fly line with a short, compact head is ideal in breezy conditions, because there’s little need to aerialize much line and thus it is less prone to being affected by strong winds

When striving for distance, we advise aerializing more line outside the rod tip. A fly line with a longer head is desirable as this is more stable in the air.
For the purpose of convenience here we’ve abbreviated weight forward to ‘WF’ and double taper to ‘DT’.
Vision XO 100 WF
The XO 100 has a thin and durable new coating of DuraSlim and is one of Vision's most advanced fly lines.

Duraslim has allowed Vision to manufacture an ultra thin running line than before without sacrificing durability.

The XO 100 also features varying hardness coatings in different parts of the line;
Another premium priced line though one that is certain to become a firm favourite with anglers who require distance in difficult conditions.
Rio Gold WF
Rio lines have an excellent reputation, which reflects in their upper price bracket.  That said, they deliver in every way, shape and form.  The Gold has many benefits, which justify its price point. 

A super slick coating makes casting and line mending effortless.  There is also the “Max-Float tip technology”, resulting in the slender fly line tip floating higher than other lines with a more increased diameter.
In a nutshell, this super buoyant line is a favourite amongst many seasoned rods who enjoy using high end products.
Joan Wulff Signature WF
Triangle taper WF fly lines have a short rear taper and a long, refined front taper. With the bulk of the weight distributed at the rear of the head and rear taper they are extremely easy lines to cast

What’s more the long, gradual front taper means they turn over well and land with a degree of delicacy sought by those who prefer dry fly tactics. 

Perfect in breezy conditions.
A mid priced line which will serve you well whether you’re striving for distance on stillwaters, or poking around a small stream where dry fly is the order of the day.
Royal Wulff Premium Plus Textured WF

Textured fly lines area relatively new concept that are gathering pace. 

Granted they’re a little more noisy when casting, but there are many benefits. 

As less surface area comes into contact with rod rings, reduced friction means you can cast and shoot line further than ever before


They are also easier to pick up off the water, helped by a super slick coating. 

Talking of which, Wulff have used the new J3 coating technology, which by the way is not a spray, but integral to the coating, which not only helps when striving for distance, but keeps your line cleaner for longer and is incredible hard wearing
Admittedly, they’re expensive, but many who use them are true converts!  A great line for punching large flies into a nagging headwind.
Cortland 333 WF
The 333 possesses a medium head length, making it a good all rounder at a very reasonable price

The front taper is a little shorter than on what are termed “presentational” fly lines though this is advantageous when coping with niggling breezes

The bright yellow colour is easily picked up in most light conditions, making well suited to reservoir, or lake fishing.
Ideal for those looking for a hard wearing line who are on a tight budget.  
Wychwood Connect WF
Another budget line, which performs well above its price point.  This easy to cast line is extremely buoyant, making it a favourite with those with dry fly fishing in mind. 

Admittedly the tapers are not as refined as what you might find on more expensive lines, but for those starting out, or learning their trade, you won’t be disappointed

They’re also a good “back-up” line when you’re traveling as you needn’t invest a heap of money in a line that ultimately sits in the bottom of your tackle bag.
Cortland Sylk Line DT
Silk fly lines where the predecessor to the more convenient plastic coated lines so popular these days. Whilst silk lines where high maintenance their key advantage was how well they cast and their delicate presentation

The Cortland Sylk emulates these qualities with the advantages of a being constructed using the latest technology, so you don’t have all the hassle of cleaning and drying your line after every single outing
With a double taper profile this line will appeal to those who fish rivers and streams where presentation is paramount.
Cortland Spring Creek WF
The aptly named Spring Creek is a line with tapers specifically designed for close quarter, accurate casts, where finesse is the overriding factor. 

With a somber colour, it instantly blends in, making it virtually invisible when false casting in tight spots.
If you’re a small stream aficionado then this line is right up your street!

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