Your Ultimate Fly Fishing Check List

Your Ultimate Fly Fishing Check List

The Ultimate Check List For River Fishing! Our very best recommendations for you! We only recommend what we use ourselves...

.As anglers we all have one aim, to catch fish! were going to simplify things for you and highlight the key bits of kit you're going to need to get the most out of your days fishing! So, you've got your waders, rod, reel, line and flies but you now need to choose what your going to carry your essentials in when you go fishing! Weather that be a waistcoat, rucksack, chest or hip pack. There's one problem with them? They have that many pockets we have to fill them all with gear! which, in turn leaves you frantically searching for that one thing you need! Lets break it down and de-bulk what you take out on the water so you can get your flies in the water faster!

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The first bit of kit you're going to need to choose is where you're going to put all your essential bits of gear. this can be a hard one, as, ultimately to get the most out of your day you have to feel comfortable! There is a whole range of luggage out there to choose from. Waistcoats Rucksacks Chest Packs Sling Packs For beginners you may find waistcoats better due to everything being there In front of you, they are lightweight and also dry quickly in wet weather!

For the more experienced angler and someone who is out on the water more regular it may be worth you having a look at the Fishpond Cross-Current chest pack, its got everything and more, designed especially to keep all your kit organised and positioned high up your body for fast and efficient access!

Wychwood profil Fly Vest Perhaps a brilliant starting point for a beginner, this waistcoat is lightweight and gives easy access to your kit! Different sizes available.

Fishpond Cross-Current Chest Pack An excellent choice for the angler who fishes regularly, Designed to keep your boxes and bits and bobs organised. 

Obviously you're going to need a net to land your catch. There's no need to be spending a fortune on a net! There are, of course, some nets that have added features such as the ability to measure and weigh your catch. Most river anglers opt for a scoop net as they are compact and lighter to carry. The Nymphmaniac Scoop Net is the perfect choice for river anglers. they are light weight, have a deep rubber net which will not only house tour trophy trout but will be kind to their delicate scales! and best of all, it wont break the bank! When you need your net, you need it fast! its always good to have your net attached to you when fishing, most waders,vests, bags and packs have D rings to attach essential bits of kit too!

Esssential Accessories

Lets talk about accessories, but essential ones! It is so easy to over pack and over complicate your fishing day! Snips You're going to need these to cut leaders/tippet and changing flies! Again, you can go all out on a fancy pair, however these Veniard Gold Snips will work just fine! Forceps Forceps are always handy when needing to remove a hook from the fish.

These Loon OutDoors Rogue Forceps are top quality with a comfy grip! If you're on a budget maybe the Leeda Profil Vest Pack is the one for you, containing the essential accessories you'll need!

Leaders and Tippet Leaders and tippet 

this all depends on where you're fishing and what for, typically trout and grayling river anglers will often through the winter month euro nymph for grayling, however, come the trout season and when we start getting some dry fly action you need to be prepared! Tapered leaders - attached to the end of your fly line the tapered leader will allow your flies to turn over and give you much better and precise presentation. you may find you'll need to attach a few more feet of tippet, This makes your tapered leaders last longer and gives you an advantage when targeting "spooky" fish! we recommend for river fishing tapered leaders of 9-12ft in 5x to 7x in breaking strain.

The 12 feet long Vision Spring Creek leader is tapered to work with dries and smaller nymphs when presentation and invisibility is the key for hooking a fish. These are very high quality nylon tapered leaders which come in popular lengths and breaking strains, to suit all fishing situations. Low refractive index Superb linear strength High abrasion resistance Extremely supple Colour Clear Its always good to carry a range of different breaking strains of tippet when out on the water.

Fluorocarbon is a good choice when fishing with nymphs as is is stronger than other tippets while if your dry fly fishing you may want to opt for Copolymer. The Essential Fly Fluorocarbon Exceptional knot and linear strength Suitable for both fresh and saltwater Value for money High abrasion resistance Low Stretch Interlocking spools 50 meters per spool This copolymer offers distinct advantages over other leader materials. Being a copolymer means that it is far softer than fluorocarbon or nylon monofilament, it is also thin, so that you can fish with confidence when using small dry flies.

Other bits of kit you may find appealing

polaroird sunglasses - these will not only protect your eyes from the sun and flying hooks but also help reduce the glare on the water and help you see them fish! hat - its always good to wear a hat when fishing, again protecting you on hot days from the sun but also getting stray hooks caught in the back of your head! OUCH! Thermals - its important to keep warm when out fishing, especially wading, layer up and keep them toes warm! In winter its a good idea to carry a flask with you to keep a warm drink in! Always remember to fish to the conditions, always keep safe, carry enough food and keep hydrated during your fishing trips!


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