Polarised Fly Fishing Sunglasses

To see what is in the water and below the surface we need to wear polarised sunglasses for fly fishing, these reduce reflection and glare enabling us to see what fish is where to target them accurately while fly fishing.

Polarised Fly fishing sunglasses from basic sunglasses with magnesium frames or sunglasses with removable and interchangeable lenses for different light conditions - essential for eye protection and to see what is in the water!

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Camouflage Polarized Sunglasses

Camouflage Polarized Sunglasses£43.99   £35.20

Greys G1 Sunglasses (Gloss Black/Green/Grey)

Greys G1 Sunglasses (Gloss Black/Green/Grey)£42.99

Greys G1 Sunglasses (Matt Carbon/Blue Mirror)

Greys G1 Sunglasses (Matt Carbon/Blue Mirror)£42.99

Greys G3 Sunglasses (Gloss Black/Green/Grey)

Greys G3 Sunglasses (Gloss Black/Green/Grey)£49.99

Greys G4 Sunglasses (Matt Black/Green/Grey)

Greys G4 Sunglasses (Matt Black/Green/Grey)£49.99

Wychwood - Aura Polarised Sunglasses - Black

Wychwood - Aura Polarised Sunglasses - Black£32.49

Wychwood - Aura Polarised Sunglasses - Brown

Wychwood - Aura Polarised Sunglasses - Brown£32.49

Wychwood - Mirror Sunglasses

Wychwood - Mirror Sunglasses£14.99

Wychwood - Profile Sunglasses

Wychwood - Profile Sunglasses£14.99

Wychwood - Sunglasses Black Wrap Around - Smoke Lens

Wychwood - Sunglasses Black Wrap Around - Smoke Lens£17.49

Wychwood - Tips Sunglasses

Wychwood - Tips Sunglasses£14.99

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