Fly Fishing with Snaelda Flies

Snaelda Salmon FliesSnaelda Tube Fly Rigs

Either use a strong tapered leader or strong monofilament tippet material, 8lb to 12lb or more depending on the size of fish being targetted and the waters.

You can use a floating flyline in which case the fly ends up riding just below the surface. Sinking tip fly lines can be used to take the fly deeper in faster waters. Ot course there are really neat poly leaders that can be used which range from 5 to 12 feet long and come in packs with different density tips. These are superb as you can alter a fly line to have slow sink tip or ultra fast sinking tip on a single fly line and this can dramatically alter the presentation of the fly.

Downstream Casting Sanelda Flies

Normally the Snaelda salmon fly is fished by casting it downstream and across. Immediately and as the line alters position mend the line to let the fly sink and then allow the Snaelda to swing across the current towards the bank. The Snaelda salmon fly will work with the microcurrents in the water and due to the long and soft wing be appear to be very much alive with significant movement, frequently triggering responses. Some salmon fly fishermen move the rod tip gently inducing even more movement into the fly again to trrigger response.

Snaelda Red tube flyMending The Cast With Snaelda Flies

Mending the line upstream as the Sunaelda fly moves will help to decrease its speed and even make it sink or alternatively you can use the rod to mend downstream to speed the Snaelda up compared to the current drift and lift it in the water. Many salmon fly fishermen find that the Salmon will strike as the speed increases and the drag in the rod is at its highest.

Upstream Casting With Snaelda Flies

Another alternative but less method of fishing the Snaelda is to cast it upstream and letting it sink in the river. As there is no drag from the line, the Snaelda will sink faster. You will be able to fish a lot deeper than on the downstream swing. Remember to keep contact with the Sunray Shadow when fishing upstream so you can set the hook if a salmon strikes the Snaelda on the almost slack line.

Snaelda Fly Popularity

The Snaelda is probably one of the most popular salmon flies used on almost every salmon river world-wide created by Icelandic fishermen home of stunning salmon flies including the Francis shrimp patterns including Francis Red Salmon Fly .and Francis Black Shrimp Salmon Fly. It is not just a popular fly on the continent, it is successful and a fly that more fisherman should really try for salmon fly fishing.

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