Fly Fishing the Amazon

If you’re looking for some real adventure, pack up your best fly fishing tackle and head for the Amazon and some sensational peacock bass fishing. Sitting in a boat gliding through an landscape of prehistoric trees and vines, you will hear the cries of scarlet macaws and screeching howler monkeys.

One moment you’re gliding along silently – apart from the macaws and monkeys, that is – and the next the water explodes with a pack of hungry peacock bass herding a school of 20-inch baitfish toward shore.

When you cast your line, you just need to hope a trophy peacock will mistake your lure or fly for a baitfish. But, beware, the peacock might plunge ahead towards a fallen tree and break even a 50-pound braided line.

In spite of being an area almost as large as the USA, the Amazon only has a few fisheries with concentrations of giant peacock bass. If you’re after a real trophy fish these are the areas you need to head for, though smaller fish are accessible in more obscure, less populated regions. Just make sure if you’re going into the real wilderness you have all the fly fishing tackle you need – a game equipment (even our online one) store isn’t going to be too accessible in the middle of nowhere!

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