Fly Fishing Mauritius

Without a boat it is difficult to fly fishing in Mauritius. The island is completely enclosed by a reef, and only its southern part is open in one spot. Even at that the weaves here are deadly for swimming - anyone foolhardly enough to try swimming would be smashed against the reefs.

Fishing inside the reef is not so great, mainly because of the large numbers of local people fishing with nets and bait, although you can of course catch garfish or coral fish here. However, really good fishing is possible on the island, but outside the reef.

To reach the two recommended spots you need to use a boat. One spot is in the east and the other in the south west. The most popular fish to seek out here is the Giant Trevally (GT). It is a highly rated sport fish all around the world. The largest of the caranx family, the GT can reach over 145 pounds.

Usually seen cruising along the reefs or drop-offs, the Trevally prefers rocky areas to feed. You can find even bigger GTs, though the waves might make them impossible to reach a lot of the time. And if you happen to be fishing from a little island close to the reef and see them running, don’t try to stop them - you’ll only destroy your line. You can also go bonefishing in Mauritius, but once again you will need a boat.

If all this suggests that fly fishing in Mauritius is a challenge, well, it is, but surely a challenge is what you’re after!

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