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We’ve touched on the subject of fly fishing knots before. While we try not to repeat ourselves, it’s a subject worth going into a little more detail about.

Some knots have become more or less standard for attaching the various parts of the fly lines and backing and so on together. Any good book on fly fishing will give you full details. Some of the knots in any serious angler's repertoire include: the improved clinch knot (commonly used to attach the fly to the leader); the overhand slip knot or arbor knot (to attach the backing to the spool); and the albright knot (to attach the fly line to the backing). You can also put a loop in fly line backing using what’s known as a bimini twist.

You will need to refer to the relevant book, or training DVD to get more detailed instructions about these knots. But if you are willing to put in the effort, you will save yourself time and effort when you are actually fishing. Plus you’ll feel more confident that everything is tight and secure. Or, if you are so minded, you can display your skills with fly fishing knots as your next party piece!

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