Fly Fishing in Ireland

There is an abundance of fly fishing opportunities in Ireland with its wonderful scenery and tranquil locations. Salmon, sea trout and brown trout are all native species in the country’s rivers, lakes and loughs.

You will also find a great many famous fisheries, which produce a goodly share of game fish. The quality and variety of fly fishing here has given the country a justly-deserved reputation as one of the best fishing locations in the world. So, if you enjoy a little travelling for your sport, Ireland has to go on your list of “must visit” holiday destinations. The opportunities include day tickets, organised fishing breaks, and fly fishing holidays.

Of the many famous rivers in Ireland, The Shannon is the longest of any in the whole of the UK, and is home to many famous beats and pools. The river is also known for some superb catch results.

The country also boasts a myriad of loughs (lakes), ranging in size from small to gigantic. Many of these are home to wild trout and salmon. Lough Corrib, for example, is full of salmon and trout. At 44,000 acres it is the second largest lake in Ireland. It is around 35 miles long and is full of quiet bays for a perfect day’s fishing.
The availability and pricing of fly fishing in Ireland will suit all pockets, too.

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