Fly Fishing in Cuba 2

If you ever make it to Cuba for fly fishing holiday, you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of destinations, with a wealth of rivers, lakes and species available in absolutely remarkable landscapes. Not to mention the chance to find a great bar that makes a mean Cuba Libre - just make sure you don’t drink and fish! Think of the tipple like a skier would the good old apres ski.

One of the interesting features of Cuba is the flats, which are huge, like Cayo Paredon, and offer fantastic possibilities for the flat angler. Some of the creatures you will find in the flats are, not to put too fine a point on it, really weird looking. But, in spite of their oddities, they are very strong fighters, so be prepared for a few battles.

Cayo Paredon offers great possibilities for the flat angler. You can seek out bonefish, permit and tarpon by wading the flats and mangroves. Alternatively you can cast from a skiff into a blue hole, with big tarpon as your target. And these locations are great not just for anglers, but for their families as well. If you hire a car from Cayo Coco , for example, you can explore three fascinating cayos with your family: Guillermo, Coco and Romano.

Cuba is a great holiday destination as well as offering wonderful fly fishing opportunities, and the country’s beaches are among the very best in the world.


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