Fly Fishing in Croatia 2

As we mentioned before, many of Croatia’s rivers are not particularly well known in the international fly fishing community, though that situation is starting to change.
This time we’ll say a few words about one of the rivers worth checking out. The river Kupa has its source in a limestone well, located within the Risnjak National Park. In its upper, salmonid part, the Kupa is a typical of many spring-fed rivers. Along its first 30 kilometres or so it is joined by more than twenty rivulets and streams. This confluence makes for a relatively stable water temperature and a pretty favorable water level for the whole of the fishing season.The Kupa is a very beautiful mountain river, of a distinctive greenish color.The waters are not only clean but crystal clear as well.

In terms of underwater vegetation, the Kupa flows through a rocky bed in which moss and algae predominate. In its waters you will find plenty of brown trout, grayling and huchen (Danube salmon).

This is a single fishing area, maintained by the Sport Fishing Club Goran. As with many of Croatia’s rivers, you are allowed to go fly fishing with only a single fly rod, and a barbless hook is mandatory.

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