Fly fishing in Bulgaria: 5

You’re possibly thinking I’ve dribbled on quite a lot about the joys of fly fishing in Bulgaria. But, believe me, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

The largest high mountain glacial lake on the Balkan Peninsula is located in the Rila mountain range. It’s called Smradlivoto lake. Other famous lakes in this range are The Seven Rila Lakes, Maliovishki lakes and Ribni. I recently visited the Seven Lakes, just for a day out, and the ribbons of mist around the bases of the mountains, and floating across the surface of the lakes was a magical sight to see…and when the sun came out later in the day…wow!

Rila and Pirin are certainly among the most beautiful mountains in Eastern Europe. They are easily the equal to those in France and my own homeland of Scotland. The fish in their waters grow to enormous sizes. But they are difficult to catch because of the phenomenal transparency of the water. You can sometimes even see the bottom five metres below. Fishing in these lakes, then, is a real challenge for the fly fisher who seeks something rare and unique experience.

Fly fishing in Bulgaria is absolutely the place for more adventurous fly fishing.

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