Fly fishing in Bulgaria: 3

Bulgaria’s chalk streams can be a great choice for fly fishing, as they are among this land’s most beautiful rivers and the ones most frequently visited by anglers.

The two most famous ones are the Zlatna Panega and the Iskretzka. Zlatna Panega is the larger of the two, and very accessible because is is only 80 km away from Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia. A few years ago a species called the Panezka trout, presently considered extinct, was found in that river. However, some believe that Panzenka can still be found near the source of the river, because it is almost impossible to fish and something resembling a lake is formed there. The river is inhabited by brown as well as rainbow trout and fish of record size have been caught there. Insects and other food resources are abundant in the river’s environs, and its is always extremely interesting to fish there.

The other chalk river, the Iskretzka, is also close to the capital and is an often visited fly fishing site. Its natural surroundings are extremely beautiful. Though smaller than the Zlatna Panega its water still has enough brown and rainbow trout to make it a worthwhile fishing spot. In addition fishing clubs restock it annually, which helps maintain the quality of the fish.

Bulgaria boasts two more chalk rivers, one in the Rhodopi Mountains and the other near the town of Razlog. The latter is short, a mere 3km, and forms a lake, but both are worth fly fishing.

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