Fly Fishing in Bosnia

In our series on fly fishing around the world we’ll be taking a look today at Vrelo Bosne, the spring of the River Bosna located in the central region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, southwest of Sarajevo. It is one of the most famous scenes of natural beauty in the region. You enter the park on or reasonably-priced horse drawn carriage. The paths and roads inside the park are ideal for walks and give you the chance to take a closer look at the bubbling streams and waterfalls. Outdoor cafés are also available.

Freshwater ecosystems suffered a lot from an increasing population and the associated development pressures, although one of the most valuable natural resources of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia is its richness of freshwater richness, contained by an abundant wellspring and clear rivers. These waters are natural treasure of great importance still not fully evaluated, yet broadly acknowledged and appreciated as such by everyone. Situated between the major regional rivers (Drina river on the east, Una river on the west and the Sava river) the Neretva basin contains the most significant portion of fresh drinking water. In that dense water system network the Neretva river also holds a significant position of freshwater among rivers of the Dinaric Alps region, especially in respect of its ecosystems and habitats, flora and fauna.

The area is also commonly visited by swans and ducks. A lovely area for a spot of fly fishing.

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