Fly Fishing in Autumn

Autumn can be a wonderful time to go fly fishing. With the leaves turning to browns and gold, setting off the edge of a lake or a river, it can be a real pleasure just to be by the water. Fish feed heavily at this time of year, in preparation for the lean winter.

While the shorter days of autumn give you less time for fishing, planning is important, especially if you are heading out after work, or you want to take the kids with you after school. Dressing for the weather can be difficult, too. Very cold mornings and often warm days, so dressing with layers is a good way to go, so you can adjust easily to the changing conditions. Before you head off on a trip, though, always check the weather forecast.

Some salmon run in autumn, so you could expect fast fast fishing in many streams and rivers. Bass move shallow to feed and are easier to catch in numbers then just about any other time of year. Other fish, such as perch, for example, also feed and are at their biggest and fattest of the year.
Saltwater fish that migrated during the spring will be headed back and pass your way again in the autumn. You’ll find them in school, so you could catch big numbers. During this time they often come in close to shore, as they do in the spring, so it’s worthwhile fishing off a pier. Bottom fish like sea bass will move to more shallow water as it cools in the autumn, bringing them closer to shore and cutting the time it takes to run out to them. They will stay in shallower waters until the end of the season when the water gets really cold, and then they will move back out to deeper water for the winter.

Fly fishing in autumn brings many rewards, both in your surrounding environment and the kind of fishing you will be offered.

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