Fly Fishing for Carp

One of the most difficult freshwater fish to catch when fly fishing has to be the common carp. Indeed, you should count yourself lucky to catch one at all. Trout are easier to take, but you might prefer the challenge of going after the feisty carp.

When carp get shallow the fly rodder has the best chance of success. Anglers need to learn simple flats and saltwater skills. This could involve working with a guide giving instructions from a platform, and developing seeing, spotting, stealth and casting skills. You’ll be casting to moving targets, so quick and accurate presentation is essential, as is strip-triking, clearing the line and ultimately fighting what could be a 10lb fish.

When it comes to taking a fly, carp can be picky, but they are also opportunists. Correct presentation is more important than fly selection. The take is very soft and frequently visible. There is no slack, so be ready to strip-strike.
Carp offer everything to make you a better angler, regardless of your usual game. Six to eight weight rods with strong drags and plenty of backing are excellent choices for carp fishing. And long leaders up to 12 ft with a flouro tippet. Even those of you most dedicated to fly fishing for trout might benefit both in terms of skills building, and enjoyment, from going after carp occasionally.

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