Fly Fishing Etiquette 2

Another of the principles in fly fishing etiquette is that there are often rules, on hard fished association waters, to prevent anglers taking more than one salmon at a pass down a pool. However, if a fish is lost or released unharmed, you may be allowed to return to those waters.

In the case of anglers anglers are fishing for the same species the rules are quite clear, though less so when when different species are involved. In Scotland, salmon anglers enjoy the country’s legal right of way on rivers. Because of this, trout anglers will usually show deference by giving the salmon fishers a wide berth. But there can be a more analytical reason for standing back; salmon anglers are more likely to be clumsy and create a disturbance which can frighten not only trout but also the catch they are seeking in the first place!

It’s not enough simply to have deep pockets for your sport, but it is incredibly valuable to garner a knowledge and respect for wild creatures and manners on the river. With true etiquette the salmon angler should not fear intrusion from a genuine trout angler, simply because his quarry is far more wary and shy than a salmon.

Yes, by all means buy the right fly fishing gear for the job, but good manners are just as important as good kit.

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