Fly Fishing Etiquette 1

Advanced anglers should know a great deal about the etiquette of fly fishing, but beginners may not, which is why we thought a short series on the subject would be appropriate.

In brief, etiquette exists simply to preserve everyone’s sporting opportunities - in other words, so as not to tread on any toes (literally or figuratively). There are a few simple rules, such as not fishing too close to another angler, or not entering a pool in front of someone else, unless it’s been broken into separate beats. Even in the latter case, a distance of 25 or 30 yards away is regarded as a polite separation distance.

Alongside this is the need to move at a decent speed downstream, which allows fellow anglers to proceed without being held up. If you’re lucky enough to hook a large fish the unwritten rule is that a fellow angler nearby should down his rod so as not to interfere and offer to help you land the fish. It’s simply not done, if you see a peer playing a fish, to redouble your speed down the pool to try to steal the water. Although naturally it can be frustrating to witness someone else’s success, by offering to help land the fish you’re not only being polite but you might also get an invitation to fish through the pool.

After all, when you are fly fishing it costs nothing to be polite, and you might equally have much to gain.

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