Fly Fishing Ethics

Believe it or not there are some ethical standards you should observe while fly fishing with others. And it’s not just about fellow anglers, but showing respect for your environment also so as not to damage it in any way. First, you should be aware that any section of water belongs to the first person fishing it. Don’t crowd fellow anglers.

If an angler is moving slow, always walk quietly around so as not to disturb the other person’s process. Same applies if the angler is resting the water after a catch, allowing everything to settle before the next cast. It's all common sense, really, but it's worth sparing a thought to these things whenever you go fishing.

In summary here are a few essentials you should observe:

    Someone working upstream has the right of way over someone fishing downstream.
    Always give way to someone with a fish on the line.
    Never enter the water directly in front of someone already in there.
    Be careful about property - close gates, don’t litter, all of which should be obvious.
    If possible, try not to leave tracks.
    Wade only when necessary as the food chain in any body of water is fragile.
    Always obey local rules and bylaws.

Above all, when you are fly fishing, remember to be considerate - the rewards far outweigh these small ethical points.

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