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In the main Croatian rivers are rarely mentioned in international fly fishing circles. In recent years, though, much as changed and steps taken to give other rivers in the country the same or even better status, as its best known one, the Gačf0ka. Believe us, it is absolutely worthwhile visiting the Croatian coast for such great locations as Kupa, Kupica, Curak and Vitunjčf0ica in which you can catch trout, grayling and Danube salmon.

First, let’s say a little about the Curak. The stream has its source under a high rock, from a spring eponymously called the Green Whirlpool (Zeleni vir). Seven kilometers of its runs through a gorgeous wooded canyon. A section of the canyon is a special geomorphological reserve called Vraži prolaz (Devil's Pass). There is also a cave here called Mužva hiž (The Husband's House). The banks of the Curak are lush with forest, and contains both grayling and brown trout. If you enjoy fishing on small streams, the Curak offers a real challenge, as well as a memorable experience. A daily license for the Curak also allows you to fish on the Kupa and Kupica. The rules are quite strict, however: you are allowed to fish with only one rod and one fly, with barbless hooks. But all fly fishing methods are allowed.

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