Fly Fishing Bolivia 2

Bolivia is the place to be for fishing tackle-busting sport. In addition to the monster payara, the country’s river and lagoon systems have the highest concentrations of peacock bass found anywhere on earth.

Ranging from between three to 12 pounds, you can expect amazing daily numbers. It’s not unknown for a single angler to land 50 to 100 of these explosive hitters in a day. There are plenty more excellent gamefish to be had as well. Such beasts as the up-to-30 pounds pacu, and the wonderful yatoranas, muturos and surubi (giant catfish).

For sheer numbers of fish and variety of species, no other location in the world offers better fishing than the Bolivian Amazonas region.

To get to the Rio Negro/Rio San Simon area you can have a charter flight arranged by the fishing holiday company of your choice. You might want to spend a bit of time in Santa Cruz itself, a surprisingly international city and centre of commerce. With a population of around 1.2 million it has a low crime rate, thriving economy and extensive oil and gas production, which has attracted business people from all over the world.

Fly fishing tackle at the ready, you can expect a truly remarkable fishing holiday in Bolivia.

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