Fly Fishing Argentina 7

You’ve probably gathered that fly fishing in Argentina is a big subject (true also for many other countries, but for now we’re keeping the focus on a single continent).

The Carrileufu River originates just outside the Los Alerces National Park, flowing through its northern border. Renowned for its landlocked Atlantic salmon, the river also holds hard fighting brown and rainbow trout. This beautiful river has some of the clearest water on the planet. It originates in Cholila and comes through the dry Cholila Valley, (which was once home to Butch Cassidy!) Eventually it flows in the Lago (Lake) Rivadavia and is the source of the Rivadavia River. Fishing here is best done early in the season, from November to January. Floating is the best way to access the river. Early in the season (Nov-Jan) is best and floating is the best way to access the river.

Lago Verde and Lago Kruger may be small lakes, but they’re pretty hard to beat when they are fishing well.  If you cast large dry flies to the bank you can expect some pretty good fish to rise for them. You’ll have a wonderful environment to enjoy, too — the ten thousand foot peaks in a gorgeous lake system. A terrific option for fly fishing dry flies to willing fish and see the beautiful lake system of Los Alerces.

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