Fly Fishing Argentina 6

Our final blog on fly fishing in Argentina (for now - there will be more later, given the choices available), we’ll look at The Arrayanes and Frey rivers.

The Arrayanes connects Lago Verde to Lago Futalaufquen. It is slow and deep, stretching about four miles. Its most exciting fishing is in the early season of November to January. The river is named after the region’s strange, orange-barked trees with their branches. The most adrenaline-inducing way to fish is to sight cast dry flies to cruising rainbows suspended just under the surface. Alternatively, you can pull streamers on sink tip lines to find large browns. Fish here will move an unbelievable distance for a dry fly, and you you’ll be amazed at how slowly they eat them. It is a good choice when the conditions are right.

The Frey is both beautiful and remote. You will have to cross two lakes to get there. What that means is that the river has much less pressure and eager fish. It’s incredibly difficult to access the river from shore, so floating is your only choice. You will certainly enjoy fly fishing in the Frey, and part of the enjoyment is the trip to get there!

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