Fly Fishing Argentina 3

In the first blog on fly fishing in Argentina we spoke about The Rio Grande. These two streams that flow into it for about 30 miles each are The Rio Corintos and The Rio Percey. If you enjoy getting your feet wet, both offer wading opportunities. While not all of the fish in these streams are large, it is possible to catch the odd one over 18 inches on a dry fly. Both rivers are excellent choices if you enjoy walking, and wading with light rod while taking in some spectacular scenery.

Another location worth mentioning is the Rio Chubut. This is a small willow lined stream flowing east to the Atlantic Ocean. But only one option is available if you are to fish its best sections, and that is to float and camp for three days. The scenery of the Chubut and the Patagonia steppe is not as beautiful as other rivers, but if you book a trip with a local organisation you will enjoy comfortable camping and nightly asados (barbeques) with friends and guides.  This is a great river to catch plenty of 14-18 inch rainbow trout on dry flies, or indeed pancora (fresh water crab) with streamers.  The ideal seasons for fly fishing here is spring and early summer.

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