Fly Fishing Argentina 2

Our second blog on fly fishing in Argentina focusses on The Corcovado and The Nant Y Fall. The former is a great fishery stretching more than 60 miles in Argentina before crossing the border into Chile (where it is named the Palena).  The Corcovado originates at Lago Vinter, one of the region’s largest lakes. The lake keeps the river cold and full of water for most of the season.  The river offers some classic trout waters containing not only very large brown trout but also a population of average sized rainbows.  The lower stretches around the town of Corcovado fish well with streamers, nymphs and large dry flies.  On a day out on this river you can expect a combination of white water and classic riffle pool water, as well as wading in its many riffles. Because the river is fast flowing, the big brown fish living in it are really strong and stocky.

The Nant Y Fall is a small lake-fed stream similar in character to a spring creek. Ideally, you should fish this river in the early and late seasons, when the water temperature is coolest. You can take large rainbows here, and they can average a full 18 inches. The only way to fish here is by wading, by private access. You will have here a spectacular view of the Andes and, because you are fly fishing in a large waterfowl habitat, you’re likely to see many of Patagonia’s most beautiful birds.

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