Fly Fishing Argentina 12

Be sure to pack trout lures, and a good selection of trout dry flies if you ever get to Argentina’s Rio Malleo and Rio Traful.

The Malleo begins at Lago Tromen and wends southeast for 35 miles before it flows into the Rio Aluminé. The waters can be either fast moving or to tranquil and easy to wade. Brown and rainbow trout can range between 16 to over 20 inches.  Mostly it is a medium size freestone river, with the exception of the meadows section of The Olsen's San Huberto Ranch.  Here the river is more like a spring creek in character with small gravel and among the best hatches in all of Patagonia.  Dry fly fishing is the method you should probably choose, as it is the most effective way of catching fish in this magnificent river. It is also essential that you match the hatch.

The Rio Trafu is one of the country's most demanding rivers. Not only that, but it also offers potentially big rewards for your efforts. While the numbers may be few, when the fishing is going well, and you make the right presentation, you could potentially catch the fish of a lifetime.  The river is has pools which are clear as glass, perfect for sight fishing. As the number of rods permitted on the ranch are limited, wading is your only option. On the plus side, you can expect shots at trophy rainbows, browns, and even a landlocked salmon or two. Just make sure you’ve got your trout dry flies with you.



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