Fly Fishing Argentina 10

The Rio Las Pampas river is named after the frontier town of Las Pampas, and offers great fly fishing (especially wading) in a remote setting.  While walking the bank and spotting fish will likely net bigger trout, blind casting will keep both you and your dry fly challengingly occupied.

For lake fishing Lago Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro, Cinco and about a dozen more lakes in the region are worth exploring. These are high desert lakes, and the main reason to go and find them is the large numbers of large rainbows and browns in their waters. You can expect to catch fish of up to 20 pounds, maybe heavier.  Depending on conditions and time of year, you can take them on dry flies, streamers and nymphs. And if you’re big on your fishermen’s tales you could be coming home with stories of gigantic beasts. If you’re prepared to invest time and effort, it can be terrifically exciting to go after these huge specimens — you are also likely to see them before you cast to them!

This is great wade fishing in a truly remote setting. With the vastness of Argentina, there are naturally countless wonderful fly fishing options, but hopefully our blogs will give you some useful suggestions for your launching-off points.

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