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Use discount code topflies to get 20% off any type of fly! Loose flies or bundles!
Use discount code topflies to get 20% off any type of fly! Loose flies or bundles!


WOW we knew the barbless flies would be popular but we are thrilled with the take up of our  BARBLESS FLY RANGE

The range includes a large range of patterns!  Here are a few to tempt you!
  • Buzzers including  3D Glass, Traffic Lights and Sandy Dickson's entire Blank Buzzer Range including new Tungsten Depth Charge Buzzers and Size 8 buzzers for fast access to those larger fish deeper in the water and off boats where the fly fisherman wants larger buzzers. The full range includes Sandy's original Blank Buster Buzzers, Flash Back Buzzers imitating sun bouncing from buzzers as they emerge
  • Caddis patterns including Elk Hair, Balloon and Goddards plus Jerry Lee's stunning new Church Window Caddis
  • Natural imitators including Freshwater Shrimp, Rhyacophilia, Infected shrimps, Twinkles, Cased Caddis, Baetis Nymphs, Corixa
  • Dries including Adams male & females, Black Magic, Many olive variations, Daddies, Gnats, Midges, CJs Ducks Dun, Midges, Mosquitos, Stimulators, F Flies in different colours, Klinkhammers, CDC Emergers
  • Crunchers
  • Hoppers
  • Spiders
  • Lures and streamers including Cormorants, Competition sized Mini lures, Diawl Bach, Damsels, Hares Ear
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Wtih the Flash Sale and the free shipping you are on to a winner today!  This is a very limited offer and one not to miss!  CLICK HERE to get to the store now!

All flies are included in the Flash Sale

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