Fishing in Bulgaria

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Fishing In Bulgaria

Among the various breathtaking landscapes in Bulgaria, the Black Sea the one sea that touches the country with its salty, quiet waters to amuse the fisherman. With the Danube river against its northern flank and the Black sea plus the mountains which provide fantastic streams with trout Bulgaria is good for fishing if you search for your prey. However the lowland plains or any significant river once it has passed through any significant town, reservoirs and large lakes provide limited fishing for the sports angler. The fishing is limited in these areas due to the subsistance fishing done by many of the poorer Bulgarians who net for fish and will eat amongst the smallest of fish including trout & carp reducing the opportunities for the growth cycles permitted to fish in many of the more advanced European countries.


Fly fishing is a growth area in Bulgaria with many more affluent Bulgarian's purchasing equipment from Europe and sport fishing, their affluence reducing their personal needs for sport fishing. Regions like Devin, the Rila mountains and around Sofia are superb for the European river and lake fly fisherman to continue their sport in this superb country. The Black Sea is heavily fished closer to shore and really a fly angler is better fishing from a kayak or boat. Kayak fishermen fish from sea kayaks because they are extremely stealthy and can allow anglers to reach areas un-fishable from land or by conventional boat. With its' increasing sport fishing kayak fishing allows anglers to get far more interesting fishing than would be gained from shore.  There are several wonderful lakes in the Southern area of Bulgaria - in the Rhodopes - where people can take a canoe or kayak tour in a beautiful landscape or fish on the varied Bulgarian coast, ideal for a sea kayak tour.


The following is a list of fish you may come across when fly fishing in Bulgaria although some are extremely scarce:-


Bonefish, Bonito, Pargo, Sailfish, Mullet, Yellowtail, Whitefish, Mackeral, Pike, Musky, Salmon, Pacu, Snapper, Walleye, Trout, Dorado, Grouper, Char, Carp, Catfish, Barrcuda, Tilapia, Parrotfish, Tuna, Wahoo, Grilse, Grayling, Tarpon, Yellowfin, Snakehead, Taimen, Marlin, Trevally, Bass, Perch, Barramundi.


Commercial fishing provides a large quantity income and food to Bulgaria as for many countries around the world. Fishing methods vary according to the region, the species being fished for, and the technology available to the fishermen. A commercial fishing enterprise in Bulgaria may vary from one man with a small boat with hand-casting nets or a few pot traps, to a huge fleet of trawlers processing tons of fish every day.One of the countries disadvantages already highlighted is that many lakes and reservoirs have subsistance fishermen (sometimes backed by criminal gangs) who will trawl lakes netting anything!Many reservoirs have had silver carp introduced. The silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) is a species of freshwater cyprinid fish, a variety of Asian carp native to north and northeast Asia. Silver carp are filter feeders, and thus are difficult to catch on typical hook and line gear and by the kilo, more silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) are grown worldwide in aquaculture than any other species.  It has been introduced to, or spread into via connected waterways, at least 88 countries around the world, in Bulgaria thie silver carp was introduced to manage water quality control during communist times. According to Bulgarian legislation, fish species are property of Bulgaria (Art. 2), foreign nationals are allowed in fish waters for sport fishing under permit issued by Authorities of Ministry of Forest and Forest Industry, after payment of governmental charges (Art. 22 - Fish Husbandry Act of 10 November 1982). The licence costs only approximately £15 but as with many things in Bulgaria takes effort to get with photographs required and visits to the local council offices.As with most countries, the government determines a list of prohibited species, gear and seasons, however with many subsistence fishermen it is frequent that these laws will be ignored and you will see fishermen fishing out of season for food. Catch and release and sport fishing are growing and it is now common to see anglers fishing with a fly rod on rivers, lakes and the Black Sea where this surprising country can provide some interesting sport.


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