Evolution of Fly Fishing: 5

While modern day fly fishing tackle is sophisticated, the earliest fishermen didn’t let the lack of technology stop them – in very early times even three pronged tridents were used to spear fish. But there is another very significant type of fishing which requires very different skills –  deep sea diving, and pearl fishing in particular. In India, the Pandyas, a classical Dravidian Tamil kingdom, were known for this kind of fishing as early as the 1st century BC. Their seaport Tuticorin was a centre for deep sea sea pearl fishing. The Paravas, a Tamil caste based in Tuticorin, developed a rich community because of the pearl trade, their skills in navigation and fishing.

Ancient representations and literature  show that, typically, fishing boats were small, didn’t have masts or sails. And they were used only close to shore.

Traditional Chinese history begins with three semi-mystical and legendary characters who taught the Chinese the arts of civilization around 2800–2600 BC.  One of these individuals, named Fu Hsi, is said to have invented writing, hunting, trapping, and fishing. Throughout history mankind has sought a variety of creative, inventive ways to catch fish and game, and whether it was wooden-shafted spears, stone-tipped arrows, tridents, nets, traps, the evolution continues to this day. Carbon fishing rods may be the ultimate in fly fishing tackle now, but who knows what the future may hold?

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