Evening Rise Sorted

Backgrounder to The Evening Rise

There are 3 different types of flies regularly hatching (sometimes prolifcally) at present on rivers.  Upwinged flies (ephemeroptera) having hatches of Pale Watery Dun, Small Dark Olives and Blue Winged Olives which are all good sized food for trout.  When these hatches occur they run from 15 minutes to occasionally as long as an hour. To match these, use our chart below and look to see if the naturals, when they are sat on the water, have their wings pointing upwards. Larger flies are easily identified if they are almost half an inch long with two tails - they should be Pale Wateries.  Olive colour naturals with 3 wings will be Blue Winged Olives (BWO) and smaller upwings about a quarter of an inch long will be Small Dark Olives. 

Major hatches of midges are also occurring.  These can be an eighth to half an inch long.  Look particularly for these on rivers with siltier bottoms and around large bends in the rivers where the water slows down and there is like to be more sediment. Griffiths Gnat is an excellent fly to use if you think they are midges.

The other hatch that could be occuring at this time in the evenings is the Cinammon Sedge which is about half an inch long. Try an Elk Hair Caddis or Balloon Caddis to match these. All the flies above are hatching gernerally in the evenings.

One final fly that may be hatching is the sand fly which is a member of the caddis family but bear in mind that the sand fly actually hatches throughout the day.


Research and Development Stage

We reviewed the species of the naturals, their various features (body lengths, body colour, wing colour, number of tails and then put together our suggested Essential Fly recommendations which we hope you will find beneficial!

So if you want to get more out of your evening fishing, ie catch more, read on! 
Click on the fly names in the table below and you will go straight
to more information about each one.


Results Of Our Findings!

Time of Hatch Body length
Body Colour Wing Colour No of Tails Possible Species  Suggested Flies
Upwinged Ephemeroptera
Evenings 3/8 Light Brown Clear 2 Pale Watery Dun Lunns Particular
July to October
Late pm
3/8 Olive brown Dark Grey 3 Blue Winged Olive (BWO)
Barbless Blue Winged Olive Dark Cdc
Blue Upright
Olive Dry
Blue Winged Olive
Evenings 3/8 Red Brown Clear 3 Sherry Spinner (BWO Dun) Blue Quill
Spinner Blood
May to August
1/4 Dark Olive Mid Grey 2 Small Dark Olive Dun Greenwells Glory
Caddis / Sedges          
Evenings 1/2 Brown Cinnamon   CInamon Sedge Cinnamon Sedge
Flat Winged Flies        
Late Evenings 1/8- 1/2 Black, Olive, Grey (Various) Clear   Midges Barbless Griffiths Gnat

Barbless Mosquito
IOTBB Barbless Knotted Midge

Over To You!

So armed with this information, stock up on your flies and get out there and have a fabulous evening fishing!

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