Elliptical Casting 2

In putting your fly reels into service, an excellent overall casting technique is the oval (or elliptical) cast. Why so?

Well, there are a few good reasons, one of which is that you will have permanent line control and will feel the line tension all the time. As you have permanent line control and no loss of control at the stops, the technique is easy to learn.

Second, the round movements are more harmonic than straight ones. Because there are no extreme breaks at the stops you will achieve much better drift. In addition you need only one cast for most circumstances, so it’s not necessary to change your technique. Elliptical casting is perfectly suited to the lighter and shorter tackle, too. With the pointer on the top grip you can execute a long casting stroke and thereby cast accurately.

Because you cast 45 degree sideways position you can feel can really feel the “self hooking”. This method also takes advantage of the stronger muscles, the shoulder ball joint, which is the main one used for oval/elliptical casting.

So, load up your fly reels and get casting!

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