Double Haul 2

Your fly fishing gear is only as good as your casting technique, so at the risk of repeating ourselves, keep working on it. Today is the second part of our series on hauling.

Just as the forward haul reinforces the forward cast, so does the back hall with the back cast. To make these hauls you must make sure your hands are together at the start of the cast. Towards the end of the stroke accelerate your hands apart while pulling the line smoothly and firmly with the hand that’s not holding the rod. Back hauling is good for making a better back cast into a following wind, whereas a front haul helps you handle head winds.

Learning to make single hauls correctly is also a big step towards good double hauling technique. And the double haul technique is not that easy to describe. You can get videos on the subject, but in short hand it involves a lift from the water, one false cast, and a delivery cast using the double haul technique. We will try to explain in more next time, so have your fly fishing gear ready.


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