Double Handed Overhead Cast 1

Today’s fly fishing technique is about making an overhead cast double handed. It’s not difficult to make an overhead cast, as it’s only a good back cast followed by a good forward one. Just remember, though, that it’s actually two casts – back, then stop, then cast forward. As with all these tutorials, though they are based on right handed angling, just reverse the instructions if you are left handed.

First, starting the cast. You need to start with the line straight to the rod top. Your left hand should be positioned below your right arm, and slightly above your waist. Make sure your right arm is straight from the shoulder to the rod handle. Hold the line between the second finger of the right hand. Each hand does the same amount of work during the cast, in that they push and pull in opposition to each other. It’s very important to get that left hand working correctly.

We can’t stress enough the importance of having both of your hands working in harmony. It’s not simply a question of casting and hoping for the best - your right hand literally does need to know what the left hand is doing. We will continue this fly fishing technique next time - read all of the blogs on the subject before making a start.

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