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Make Your Line A Bite Indicator?

If you want to learn a neat technique on how to turn your fly line into a bite indicator using the simplest method, then watch Andy's video!

Isn't this a great idea?  It could really make a difference to your fishing and of course catching!


Fly Lines On Offer!

We have a great array of fly lines available in store.  Here you can select your line by weight, type or by your favourite manufacturer!

Just scroll your way down the fly lines department page to see all the options!

Don't forget we now have the highly acclaimed Royal Wulff lines available !

We also have the amazing Arctic Silver lines in store!

First Dealers in the UK to have these!

The high-density coating gives you a fly line that maximizes energy from the rod, so you can achieve long casts with less use of power. ArcticSilver’s new MD (Micro-Diameter) fly lines feature an extremely low diameter giving the lines excellent wind- cutting properties. The lines are super-stable during flight.
Even the Arctic Silver fly line box doubles up as a fly box so there is no waste!
Free UK Shipping on orders over £25!

HVK Leadhead Peeping Caddis Collection

Designed by Hans Van Klinken. This is a deadly cased caddis or sedge pattern for Grayling and Trout. Tied on a Daiichi 17101 hook to Hans specifications.

We have fished with Hans many times and we took him to the Nidd in North Yorkshire to a river he had not fished before. 
The experienced anglers there caught between 1 and 4 fish.  Hans was there for the first time and was fishing with these Leadhead Peeping Caddis flies.  He caught 16!

Each batch is quality checked by Hans personally before we start selling these flies.

Hook Daiichi 1710
Thread Semperfli Nano Silk 50D
Emerging Caddis Semperfli Cadddis Wool Burned at end
Jig     BB Shot held in place with 0.2mm Monofilament
Hackle       Grizzle or Brown Cock
Body       Semperfli Straggle String SF0050 Black

"My order was taken in a most polite and charming manner. The goods arrived super quick. An extremely well run business."


Free Hatch Chart

Our hatch charts are offered free of charge to registered customers.  They are released throughout the fishing year in advance to enable you to prepare in time for your fishing trips. 

They offer a reference chart by way of a guide as to what should be hatching in normal weather conditions. 

Please check the access instructions below as they are only available as a thank you to loyal customers and are not freely available to the public.


Accessing The Hatch Chart

  1. Go to
  2. In the top right hand corner of the page, FIRST login to your account using your own email address and personal account password
  3. From the main black menu bar across the top of the screen look for the Trout Flies link and hover over it
  4. From the pop up that appears, you will see the Hatch Chart link in the bottom right - click on this
  5. The hatchchart will be presented to you!
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