Customer Complaint From Barry Clark

At The Essential Fly we like to deal with customers, we believe true strength of a company is how it deals with complaints. We were not sure however how to deal with this other than say congratulations. A Wychwood Aura rod would be recommended for Avington for some of those back breaking fish that haunt the fishery. Here is Barry's complaint below:

Dear All,

We received our new flys and waited to go and try them out. On Sunday we went for a days fishing at Avington in Hampshire leaving at the crack of Dawn and drove down. A beautiful sunny day and we looked forward to a days great fishing.

This is where my complaint starts....we were finished by lunchtime! 10 trout ranging from 4lbs to 9lbs. Young Adam our nephew who had blanked on his last 2 trips with us was not only the first to catch but also managed the biggest fish of the day (morning). Our far more experienced friend wondered what was going on we three had finished and he was only on one fish till I lent him a white nomad and he was finished in 10 minutes after us. Young Adam now wants his own rod!

Seriously though we had a great time and the flies were superb we will definitely be back for more many thanks. I have attached some photos for your amusement.

Best regards

Barry, Dawn and Adam.







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