Autumn & n=left Fly Recommendations

One of the most common questions asked at this time of year is "what fishing fly should I use?" Of course it depends where you are fishing!

Czech nymphing is great on rivers for grayling and a very popular technique. This close technique works well, don't forget Grayling are very different to Brown Trout, rather than being spooked they will often come close when you disturb the bottom of the water releasing nymphs from the river bed. Just take care, rivers are often high and can rise quickly. Always wear a lifejacket when wading and use a wading staff, they are invaluable tool this time of year. Finally remember grayling have smaller mouths than trout so use smaller flies, often size 18's will be productive!

Autumn Lake & Reservoir Fishing Fly Recommendations

Lakes and reservoirs still produce well with buzzers which hatch 365 days per year and should never be discounted. Try techniques like the washing line rig to lift lures and present your flies more slowly. Fish are often not moving about as fast as they do in the summer. Slow retrieves are often more successful than rapid stripping. Fish will often be found deeper in the water on many lakes and reservoirs than their summer haunts. Try deeper than you did in summer as the thermoclines ensures that water stays at a steady temperature.


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