The Alder Fly Sialis lutaria and Its Imitation

About The Alder Fly - Sialis lutaria

The Alder Fly is a large about 1.4cm, sluggish insect often found on vegetation near to water, they are frequently confused with caddis which they are not, they are a different fly all together. The larvae of the Alder fly are aquatic carnivores that live in the silt at the bottom of ponds and slow-flowing rivers. Adult Alder fliess are seen in early summer, emerging in large numbers and living for just for a few days in order to mate. Mating of the Alder takes place at night and the females lay their eggs on overhanging vegetation. The alder larvae hatch and drop into the water where they develop over one to two years. Adult alderflies stay near to the water, in which they had lived in when they were younger.

How to identify Alder Flies

Adult Alder Flies are blackish-brown, with dark, lacy wings which they fold in a tent-like manner along the length of their body. They are distinguished from stoneflies by the lack of any 'tail' bristles.
Where to find it

Alder Fly Availability

The Alder fly is very widespread.

Fishing Alder Flies

Alder flies are fished can be fished dry using  a Alder wet fly as a sunk Alderan Alder Larva Nymph. One reason for trout not being seen taking alder fly very often is that they don't emerge from the water at maturity. Alder fly Larvae, apparently swim towards the shore to then the larva leaves the water in order to pupate in the soil near the bank.

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