Accurate Fly Casting 2

Accurate casting is important to fly fishing, as we’ve stated. And, while we’re still on the subject of straight line casting you should put some energy into dry practice before going after an actual fish.

One good dry practice is to stand with your arm straight down in front of you. Then, bend your elbow to the horizontal position. You should have your index finger pointing straight ahead. This is your starting position for the cast. Next, move your hand up and touch the top of your ear with your index finger. This is the position at which you will complete the back cast. Take note than you can see the palm of your hand out of the corner of you eye.

To simulate the forward cast let your hand drop to the 10 o’clock position – in other words, just below shoulder height. These, then, are the three stopping positions for the basic overhead cast. The overhead cast, by the way, is a very important one, as it is the foundation for many other fly fishing techniques.

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