Fly Tying Bobbin Holders

Fly tying bobbin holders are used for distributing the load along with freeing your hands.

Whilst it is possible to make a fishing fly by means of taking a length of tying silk from its' spool there are lots of advantages to having these tools, starting from reducing waste to most importantly maintaining tension on materials.

The Bobbin Holder performs services than are clear initially. Not just will it embrace your spool of gsp as you tie, it keeps tension on the fly being tied consequently furs or feathers fail to spring free. At whatever time you halt briefly your bobbin simply dangles beneath the hook due to the weight of this bobbin stopping the fishing fly from that you are tying un-ravelling. Furthermore bobbins can be spun tightening the thread. Bobbins have brass or plastic tubes or for modern silks including GSP's with ceramic tubes. To maintain tension it is necessary it to be reasonably heavy.


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Basic Fly Tying Tool Kit Pack

Basic Fly Tying Tool Kit Pack£6.00

Fly Tying Tools Bobbin Holder - Standard

Fly Tying Tools Bobbin Holder - Standard£2.20

Fly Tying Tools Boobin Holder - Hvy Duty

Fly Tying Tools Boobin Holder - Hvy Duty£3.20

Veniard - Ceramic Spigot Bobbin Holder

Veniard - Ceramic Spigot Bobbin Holder£9.90   £9.55

Veniard - Spigot Bobbin Holder

Veniard - Spigot Bobbin Holder£3.00


Investing In A Bobbin Holder For Fly Tying

Using a poor quality bobbin holder can be frustrating. It is really worth investing in a good quality ceramic bobbin holder and we have a variety for sale, these are far superior to other models. The ceramic tubes are far harder than even the highest-quality surgical steel, which eventually becomes worn and develops grooves that will cut the tying thread, no use to anyone and frustrating. The wire arms need to be adjusted to accommodate the particular size of spool or bobbin being used and adjust to the desired tension. The tension on the thread through the holder should be light enough for you to easily draw off thread but still is needed to be tight enough to hang under its own weight without unwinding to keep tension on the thread and materials while tying flies. Setting the tension on a bobbin holder is as follows: For less tension pull the two wire arms outward from each other, and to increase tension, the opposite. Try your spool and fine tune the tension accordingly.

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